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Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Creepy Monkey Graphics Inc. is big on ideas and quality. If you are looking for something new, creative, out of the ordinary or basic, I can help you. If you have no clue where to start, that is okay, I know how to ask the questions to help get the ideas flowing.

What is your need? Brochures, business cards, flyers? I can design a multitude of items for you. If you have branding in place, supply me with your manual and it will be followed appropriately.

I want you to have the products you want, I have a multitude of suppliers if I am unable to make the product you want in-house.  I have made it my business to find suppliers who create quality products, with prices to help keep you happy.

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Product Design

Professionally designed work, with access to a multitude of stock art to enhance your brochures, business cards, vehicle decals, and more. If you have graphics you prefer to be used, I can assess if they are the right file type and quality for the job at hand, and utilize them if they fit the criteria. I also design custom signs from smaller little Open/Closed signs to billboards. While I do not print billboards, when requested by a customer I will design them, and send the print file to their preferred printer, or directly to the customer.
Some other products I can design for you include: Flyers, Hard Hat decals, shirt graphics, full window graphics for store fronts, sandwich boards, invoice books, log books, inspections books.

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Logo Design & Branding

If you are looking for a simple logo design or a full branding, you have come to the right place.

What is Branding? Simply put, Branding is a set of guidelines set out as to how your business identifies itself visually. From your business cards to your sign on the door, vehicle graphics to the website, everything has a similar look and feel.

Businesses may only need a logo created. I can create a single logo that is very well suited to the type of business you have. Logos are kept on file for all future projects, including business cards, pens, apparel and more.

Customers also have the opportunity when arranging a logo design with me, to request specific file type/s for when the work is completed. This can include Facebook Business Profile pictures and banners, smaller jpegs for use in bookkeeping software, png files for websites, DXF for metal cutting and more. Once work has been completed and approved, there are also standard logo files created from the finished work that are provided to the customer as part of the package. These files include an eps, pdf, high resolution jpeg, and svg.

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File Conversion

Changing a pixel version of your logo into a vectorize version is one of the many services I offer. Overtime businesses change hands, board members come and go, files sometimes get lost in the shuffle. A scanned version of your logo often results in a low quality graphic, leaving your finished product looking unprofessional. I can re-create your image in a high quality format which allows you to use it in any size or on any product with a crisp, clean finished look. Finished files are provided to the customer, as well as kept here on my system for future use.

Have a photo or graphic you want converted to an svg for personal use? This sort of file conversion is available, Costs will vary depending on the graphic that is provided, and the amount of work that will be required to achieve the desired end result. This can be anything from a simple conversion that you edit afterwards in your own software, or a fully edited clean svg ready to be used to create die cut decals and more.

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Website design is a very specialized type of design work that requires knowledge of coding including css, javascript, html and everything in between.

I can certainly help with smaller sites that are simple, getting you set up in a Word Press theme site or helping with edits on an existing site. However, for the larger more in depth sites, I prefer to make sure my clients get the experience they deserve: A more quickly and knowledgeable set up. For this I like to refer my clients to Chewie Media. If you desire I can work with Chewie Media to provide all the proper graphics, branding, and visual elements to create a cohesive look for your business identity.
Click the link below to visit Chewie Media.

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