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Paper Products

Paper Products

Creepy Monkey offers a wide range of paper products. From business cards to invoice books, golf ball boxes to posters and flyers, the opportunities are endless. Large volume orders as well as smaller quantities are all possible. BW and colour copying are also available.

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Document Printing in a Hurry

Getting your reports, resume or other documents printed on the run has never been easier. Email your document to print@printme.com to get started. You will be emailed back a code. Simply call or forward that code to Creepy Monkey and your documents can be printed and waiting for you.

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Binding Options

Coil binding is available in different sizes, and in black or white coils. Products such as calendars can be stapled or coil bound.

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Really Cool Custom Printing

What would you say, if I told you, you could have a paper megaphone printed up with your company name for the next hockey game? Or how about custom golf ball boxes, pillow boxes or more?

There is an amazing line of paper products available to you , all customized with your information.

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The Everyday Business Needs

Businesses sometimes need large amounts of printing done. Business cards, log books, invoice books, flyers, posters, just to name a few. It is all available here. I can handle everything from small order to the large, all with competitive pricing.

Some products available include:

Security Cheques
Ticket/Invoice/Safety/Bill of Lading books
Business Cards
Post cards
Rack Cards

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