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How Pricing Works

Time, is our most valuable asset

Our time is valuable, we cannot get it back once it is gone. I do my absolute best to stay on track, giving my client’s work my undivided attention. It is important when looking to get a quote or to get design work done, to be as prepared as you can when contacting me. This enables me to keep your costs down, and to get not just other work done efficiently, but yours as well. Please be sure to check out the information on this page when getting ready to contact me about pricing. You may not know exactly what you are requiring, though if you can give me some approximates, it does help keep things moving along efficiently.

Hourly Rate

Some design work is charged out at an hourly rate. Billing is done with a minimum of 20 minutes charged, to the full hour depending on the actual time taken with the work. Work billed out this way includes things such as changes on websites, file conversions, and general smaller jobs.

Base Fee + Hourly

Logo Design is billed out with a set fee that covers design time, proofs and changes, and the final file conversions totalling 3 hours. Anything above and beyond that time frame is billed out hourly, in 15 minute increments. Contact me for current pricing.

Flat Rate

Flat rates are applied to more simple set ups such as any carbonless copy books, posters, brochures and business cards. These flat rates include two proofs. Generally two proofs are more than sufficient to catch all design changes or typos and get them corrected. Extra proofs will incur a secondary flat rate charge to help cover the extra time involved. This fee is not charged again on exact re-orders. If changes on re-orders need to be made there is an appropriate fee attached dependant on the magnitude of the changes required.

Custom Decals

A small flat rate will be added into the price of a custom decal or heat pressed apparel. Decals and heat press are also priced according to the size, quantity, and complexity of the graphics (if die cut). All die cut decals are cut from a roll of vinyl, before being weeded. Weeding is a process in which all the vinyl you do not want in the graphic, is pulled by hand, before having transfer tape applied. Some decals and heat press can be very labour intensive, so pricing will reflect this.

Applying Decals

Application of decals is priced with several things in mind including the cleanliness of the surface when it is presented to me, a flat or curved surface, travel to location, and complexity of the graphics.

If a surface is filthy, covered in mud or a build up of wax, this must be cleaned off before application of the decals. A decal is only as good as the preparation of the surface it is to be applied to. You can have the most expensive and high quality decal peel and fall off in record time if that surface is not prepared properly. Install fees include the chemicals, supplies and time required to prepare this surface.

Application over a curved surface is much different than a flat surface, and sometimes not only requires a special product, but also requires more skill, and time.

Travel time is charged per km outside of the City of Brooks to rural locations, or surrounding communities.

Some graphics include several layers of colour to be applied to create one graphic.