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Creepy Monkey Graphics Inc.

The Basics

Creepy Monkey Graphics is a small home operated business, dedicated to producing high quality graphics and products. With this being a one person business, I carefully choose the products and services I personally produce. While many people enjoy having a “One Stop Shop”, creating all those products in house will spread a small business very thin. I strongly believe that you can be really great at a few things, but not everything. So I have carefully chosen suppliers for many products, ensuring customers enjoy the “One Stop Shop”, though continue to enjoy excellent quality.

Experience and Education

I have many years of experience in the graphics industry, having worked in embroidery and sign shops, a large corporation that serviced the wedding industry, and my own business now. I graduated from Medicine Hat College in 1999 with a Diploma in Visual Communications, going back for another year to upgrade to a Bachelor of Applied Arts in 2012. All these years and experience considered, I know ongoing learning is very important. This is an ever changing industry, with new technologies and ways of producing products. The advancement of the DIY industry has also helped shape and mold the products and services I offer, as well as the online market.

Where did the name come from?

The most common question I get asked is where the name came from. Found to be fun and memorable, it really was probably the greatest decision when starting up. It was a name tossed into a big brainstorm when going over ideas, simple as that. I heard it, laughed it off but wrote it down anyway. I kept going back to it, slowly realizing its branding potential which I have honestly barely managed to tap into all these years later. The next order of business once I realized this was the one, was creating a logo that was just fun enough to fit the name, yet professional enough to attract the business of even the larger corporations.

What we can do?

Creepy Monkey Graphics Inc. is here to offer you creative visual solutions for all your Graphic Design needs. Whether you are looking for a logo design, branding, vehicle graphics, printed products, stationary or apparel to represent your product/business, help is here.

Offering a wide range of ideas and products is my way of ensuring you get what you want. After all, a happy client is a great client to have.