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Rush Job!

Rush Job!

I got an email from a company in Ontario looking to have their product installed at a couple local businesses. How awesome and exciting is that?! Only hitch, it was a rush job, but the graphics were already printed, shipped and waiting on location. With the weather going as cold as it is, definitely NOT the optimum temperature to install anything outside. So I prepped the glass REALLY well, and once it was installed, I squeegeed, and squeegeed some more. Thats Creepy Monkey quality for you!


Say hello to a happy store customer that was happy to have his picture taken! (Location 2)


When a job like this comes along, I will happily help out, but definitely make it known that the decal will quite possibly not last as long. Though these decals tend to get changed out fairly often so I don’t thing they were too worried


Front doors (Location 1)
Front windows (Location 2)
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Naomi Rush Job!
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2 Responses to “Rush Job!”

  1. Wow, that’s impressive to create large artwork like that! So glad we have a local business that can create such projects!

  2. Oh I wish I could take credit for the design and printing of these! Alas, no I cannot. I did only the installation on these graphics. Sorry I was not clear enough in the post, I will be sure to watch that on future posts.