If you own a vehicle, you already have the best billboard available. Tap into that advertising potential by applying eye catching decals. It creates awareness, and adds credibility to your business. Take the amount of what you would spend on those decals, and divide it by how many months you will own that vehicle. That’s super effective yet inexpensive advertising!!

I like to tell people to put the basic most important part of the information along the sides. When you are driving, or when other drivers pass you, they have only a few moments to ready what is on the sides. So your logo, business name, maybe a phone number Keep the extra information that you feel you require on the back of the vehicle. When you are at a stop light or a vehicle is travelling behind you, they have the opportunity to see the information and really read it. This is a great place to put a short blurb about what you do, just enough to pique curiosity and have them look you up. A website is great here, but if it is a long one, just remember they will probably just look you up anyway on google, so maybe save that space and use it for some extra information to make them want to look you up.